FREE Long Preview of Patty Cakes (who doesn’t love rhymes?)

Here’s a FREE preview of my chapter book Patty Cakes and the Stolen Ball! Hope you enjoy reading it with a child, and thanks for stopping by!

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Hi! I’m Patty. My full name is Patricia M. Lowry.

I hope we become friends! Here’s some stuff you’ll probably want to

know about me. I’m seven. I’m in second grade.

And most people call me Patty.

My parents nicknamed me Patty Cakes.

They even sing the rhyme with my name Patty

Cakes, Patty Cakes, Baker’s man! I roll my eyes

every time they sing it. I don’t even like cake.

And I definitely don’t look like cake. I look

tall. That’s because I am. I have long blond hair.

My daddy says my eyes are sky blue. I look like

my mom.

I have a golden retriever named Bones.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.48.26 PM

That’s because he hardly ever eats much. He’s

a good boy.

I have a little sister named Emma. She is

two. People say she is a charm.

She looks like Daddy. She has brown curly

hair. Her brown eyes look like yummy chocolate.

She loves to dance in our kitchen. She spins

and spins in circles until she gets all dizzy. Then

she giggles. Sometimes she falls down.

Want to know something else about me?

I have an identical twin sister! That means

she looks—just—like—me. And she looks like

our mom, too.

My sister’s name is Penelope. Most people

call her Penny.

We are Patty and Penny. My name comes

first. I was born before her, by at least two

minutes! That’s pretty important stuff when

you’re a twin.

Everybody thinks it’s so cute that we are

twins. Sometimes I think it’s a pain.

My daddy understands. That’s because he’s

a twin, too.

People say Penny is lovely. She never gets in

any trouble.

When they look at me, they pat me on top of

my head and say, “Don’t worry, honey, you’re

sweet, too.”

I think they call me honey because somehow

trouble finds me a lot of the time. I guess me and

trouble have become pretty good friends.

That’s not so great. Because when trouble

happens, everybody says in a real loud and

accusing tone, “Patricia!”

My mom usually says, “Honey, I think you

got yourself in a pickle.”

That’s what happened to me one day. I got

accused of trouble. My older brother lost his

lacrosse ball. That’s right, I have a brother.

That’s probably important, too.

My brother’s name is Thomas. People say he

looks like a mix between Mommy and Daddy.

That’s because his hair is straight and blond like

Mommy’s, but his eyes are brown like Daddy’s.

He’s twelve. All he ever talks about is sports,

sports, sports. He is in love with every sport, I

swear, but not the bad kind of swearing. I only

mean that he really loves sports.

Well, his all-time, bestest, most favorite

lacrosse ball ever got lost.

It was signed by some famous guy. I don’t

even remember the guy’s name. I don’t care

much about lacrosse. But, boy, was Thomas


And who do you think got blamed for it?

That’s right. Me!

Who took it?” Thomas asked.

He stormed out of his room all huffy. His

blond hair was all sticky-uppy. His brown eyes

looked darker and scarier than usual.

It was right after school on a Monday. And

my day had already been filled with loads of

stress. My best friend in the whole wide world,

named Hope, was not at school. That means

recess was way lonelier than usual.

Thomas looked at me with that finger of his

shaking in my face.

I spit my tongue right out at him.

Not me!” I yelled. “I didn’t take your ball!”

I didn’t want to deal with his issues. When

we have fights, our mom always says we have

to take care of our “issues.” We need peace in

our home.

Thomas put his hand on his hip and said all

rude like, “It’s always you, Patricia. Whenever

there’s trouble, it’s because of you.”

I had my fist up ready to give him a good

hard punch right in his arm when Mom walked


What’s going on?” she asked real serious.

Patricia stole my lacrosse ball. And she

won’t give it back,” Thomas said.

Did not!” I yelled.

Did too!” he yelled back.

Did not!”

Did too!”

Stop it, both of you,” Mom said just loud

enough for us to hear.

Her blue eyes twinkled like stars. She looked

at us like she thought we were funny.

This isn’t a joke, Mother,” I said. “I don’t

like being blamed for something I didn’t do.”

Well, honey, do you know where the ball

is?” Mom asked me real sweet. I love it when

Mom talks to me in her sweet voice. It makes

me happy. But did you notice? She called me


How would I know, Mother. I don’t like

lacrosse,” I said back in my sweet voice.

Then Mom looked straight at Thomas.

I don’t think she took it. Why don’t we all

help you try to find it? Okay?” she said to that

brother of mine.

Then Thomas gave me his mean squinty-eye

look. He looked back at Mom. “Sure. Thanks,

Mom,” he said.

Then do you want to know what happened

next? We looked and looked for that ball.

We looked again.

And then we looked some more.

And guess what?

We never found it!

About jvcarrwriterauthor

Everybody has realistic dreams, ones that start with a seed in the heart, are watered, then grow. Well...I finally published my dream, my young adult novel entitled Username: Bladen. The idea to write it literally struck me in the darkness of the night. I began this project not too long ago, though now it feels like forever. This book, in its original manuscript form, meandered down a typical publishing path in many ways, until it recently settled (Yay!) on the shelves of cyberspace. Soon, I hope it will find a happy home on the shelves of many book lovers, in a real home not just a virtual one. After all who doesn't like to see their dreams come true? Today, with the technological advances that we enjoy, dreams of publishing are well within a writer's grasp. Every mom, much to their chagrin, experiences sleepless nights. With six kids, I honestly can't remember the last time I slept through the night. Typically, when I wake up and can't fall back to sleep, I think too much about things, meditate, or pray. One night as I was praying, the plot for Username: Bladen literally flooded my thoughts. I got so excited about it that I decided to sit down and write and write and write. I spent a lot of time learning about publishing. I joined forums and writers' groups. When I finished my manuscript, I entered it into The Sandy Writing contest, which was a terrific learning experience. I didn't win, but one judge loved my story and gave me almost a perfect score. That gave me a lot of encouragement. I also queried it a little, and am amazed by how much I learned and loved the process. I know nobody likes rejection letters, but I appreciated the personal letters I received from agents that gave me insight into why they rejected my manuscript. Then finally, after I learned that publishers don't have a lot of shelf room for young adult novels with a male protagonist, I decided to stop querying and publish through Westbow. I found an extremely talented editor, and rather quickly finished the process of publishing my book. I couldn't be happier with the final result. If anyone has a story to tell, are willing to be diligent, and have a dream to be a published author, you can do it! Believe in yourself and make your dream come true!
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