We all know that power can come in small packages. Mother Teresa (one of my all-time favorite saints) was one of those packages. At just barely five feet tall, she answered God’s call in her life to care for the poorest of the poor. Many of these poor lived a life materially poor but rich in spirituality.

I’m not going to go on and on and list facts about this amazing human life, known as an incredible vessel for God, because most people have heard of her; they’ve heard about her extraordinary faith and sacrifices. However, I AM going to mention one miracle that happened through her, because…well…I love it…but also, because it can’t be denied. I’m also leaving a Youtube link at the end of this post to my favorite movie about Mother Teresa. It’s real footage of her life over a period of five years. It’s a movie believed to have led to her Nobel Peace Prize. During this period, and also captured on film in this movie, was her role in Beirut when they were at war in the 80’s. They were desperately in need of medicine, food and water. Because of the gunfire that occurred at that time, she was not allowed to cross in and help. That did not disturb her peace. She simply and respectfully mentioned that she would ask Our Lady for a cease fire. She said (not a direct quote), “If there’s a cease fire, will you let me cross?” I’m sure you can guess what happened next…there was a cease fire; she crossed with her nuns; they helped with basic human needs.

As a Catholic there’s a misconception that we worship the mother of God. We do not. We respect her and the love that Jesus has for her, especially since she is His mother.

There are so many miracles that have happened and continue to happen that hold REAL physical and scientific proof. I ask you to take a look at that proof and the power of God in it. I know where I want to be, who I choose, how about you? What do you think of the power of miracles?

Aaand…that cool link… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8w81qOc5nU

About jvcarrwriterauthor

Everybody has realistic dreams, ones that start with a seed in the heart, are watered, then grow. Well...I finally published my dream, my young adult novel entitled Username: Bladen. The idea to write it literally struck me in the darkness of the night. I began this project not too long ago, though now it feels like forever. This book, in its original manuscript form, meandered down a typical publishing path in many ways, until it recently settled (Yay!) on the shelves of cyberspace. Soon, I hope it will find a happy home on the shelves of many book lovers, in a real home not just a virtual one. After all who doesn't like to see their dreams come true? Today, with the technological advances that we enjoy, dreams of publishing are well within a writer's grasp. Every mom, much to their chagrin, experiences sleepless nights. With six kids, I honestly can't remember the last time I slept through the night. Typically, when I wake up and can't fall back to sleep, I think too much about things, meditate, or pray. One night as I was praying, the plot for Username: Bladen literally flooded my thoughts. I got so excited about it that I decided to sit down and write and write and write. I spent a lot of time learning about publishing. I joined forums and writers' groups. When I finished my manuscript, I entered it into The Sandy Writing contest, which was a terrific learning experience. I didn't win, but one judge loved my story and gave me almost a perfect score. That gave me a lot of encouragement. I also queried it a little, and am amazed by how much I learned and loved the process. I know nobody likes rejection letters, but I appreciated the personal letters I received from agents that gave me insight into why they rejected my manuscript. Then finally, after I learned that publishers don't have a lot of shelf room for young adult novels with a male protagonist, I decided to stop querying and publish through Westbow. I found an extremely talented editor, and rather quickly finished the process of publishing my book. I couldn't be happier with the final result. If anyone has a story to tell, are willing to be diligent, and have a dream to be a published author, you can do it! Believe in yourself and make your dream come true!
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